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Mobile Application

If you are looking for the best mobile app development company in Delhi NCR, then you have come to the right place. Guarasoft, excels in developing innovative apps for multiple platforms, so you can approach us with your preferences and requirements and we will customize one for your business. We being one of the well-recognized faces as a mobile app development company in Delhi (Android / IOS App Development ), Mumbai, are trusted by individuals as well as entrepreneurs all over the country.

iOS App development

With iPhone’s huge user base, and iPad’s unique position as an industry and commercial device, iOS remains an undefeated leader in user penetration and reach. We want to make sure that your unique solution and services reach this huge user base. Using Swift and Objective-C programming language alongside Apple’s own developer tools and environment, X-Code, our multidisciplinary team develops iOS apps for iPhones and iPads. Our team adheres to Apple’s strong guidelines to make sure you can provide the best for your consumers through the application.

Android App Development

Android’s flexibility has made it a winner for consumers and manufacturers alike. Google’s open-source platform has made apps and services available to consumers across the entire spectrum. Android is the most accessible operating system with the highest number of devices available, and we want to help you get your app to reach this crowd. From building Android mobile applications from scratch to porting your existing iOS application to Android, we provide the best options for you. Using Java and Kotlin, we build your apps for Google’s operating system, so that you and your consumers come out as winners.

React Native App Development

The beauty of React Native apps is that they run on both iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android from a single code base. The brilliance of React Native apps is that it feels like a native app written for the particular platform using Swift or Java that any consumer is using, as the code is operating system-agnostic. React Native helps in faster development and maintenance of mobile apps for iOS and Android by removing multiple iterations of the code for iOS and Android.

AR App Development

AR app development comes with possibilities which pertain to entertainment. We specialize as an augmented reality app development company in India, developing AR apps that use location data to improvise its usefulness. We primarily use ARkit & ARcore structure to develop our AR projects.

What we focus on?

We create a multi-layer mobile application, which is why Nxg Solutions is the best choice as a mobile app development company in Delhi. Our clients are spread across various niche industries, which gives us a holistic experience to be specific and versatile at the same time. We have covered travel, social, health & fitness, market place, fin-tech, shopping, automotive, and even human resource applications!