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Web Design and Website Development

We at Nxg Solutions, one of the best website development companies in Delhi NCR go beyond the conventions of web design and development. We provide a holistic solution by creating websites with traffic drive, conversion and leads.

We believe in a structured flow, which primarily pertains to the following steps:

  • Our best ecommerce website developers in India work in collaboration with our clients, keeping the flow of design inputs and improvements
  • We the most reputed WordPress website development company have one of the best teams of web designers who are working tirelessly to bring in the best plausible website curated specifically for you.
  • We provide built-in SEO services.
  • Our team does all the necessary analysis and reporting to make room for improvements.
  • Also, being a trustworthy ecommerce website development company, the focus lies on responsive design and user-friendly CMS.
Web Design and UI/UX

Our experts in the house are talented designers who work on three fundamental pillars i.e. functionality, usability, and visual aspect. These three key facts once implemented results in progressive and functional websites. Our team will work with you until you are satisfied with the requites, ensuring that you attain your marketing goals simultaneously. The process has been streamlined along with the experience we bring on deck, so we know where to focus, automatically cutting out the redundancies. We develop concepts that will surely exceed your anticipations.


Through this particular service, we aim to provide you with suggestions as to how you will reach your marketing goals along with additional pages, contents, and SEO optimization.

The following are the services that come under this sector:

• W3C compliant HTML/CSS
• Semantic Coding for SEO
1. XSL
2. XML
3. JSP
4. JQuery
5. JavaScript Development

CSS/HTML Development

CSS and HTML are the cornerstones of all web development projects since it keeps the process well-organized. We the very best Website development company in Greater Noida, use the W3W standard protocols which will surely provide a good experience for the users while laying the groundworks for search engine exposure optimally.

Content Development and Marketing

We at Nxg Solutions, a reliable website development company in Faridabad, provide SEO optimized content that is original and effective in bringing organic traffic. We use CMS like Drupal or WP to help us market your content while implementing all the necessary marketing tools.


We provide our SEO rich contents to the blogs to regulate healthy traffic, organic or otherwise. RSS is implemented as well to pull in valuable content to enhance the audience experience.

Following are blogs we work with:

• WordPress
• Drupal RSS modules
• Custom RSS and XML solutions
• Blogger
So, go ahead give us a call for free consultation any time!